8 weeks, immunisations - 3 injections 1 oral.

So, this week we took our 2 month milestone card and took a picture! Yey !! Two months ago you entreated our lives and I couldn't ever imagine our home with out you.

However, 8 weeks also marks those first pesky 8 week boosters... now I know how horrid these are because of Luca, Max was poorly at the start so I'm even more protective of him!

Now, the Drs do not book your appointment your health visitor does (ask her about the vaccines ) because i was never told they have an oral version of the Rota vaccine which is live! So ask and read up on it if you like too!

I has meant to get Max registered but baby brain I just for got! Even after a call from the surgery to remind me ....ooops!

I phoned them at 10:20 this morning I had forgotten what time we was due in, 2:50 but they wanted us in before two to register him!


2pm arrived after our Aldi trip (another days blog) we were registered and began to wait!

The nurse came ( Gerry) she jabbed Luca too! She called max and we went into the room, Gerry explained what was happening one Oral for the Rota virus, I had never heard of this being given. Your health visitor should explain these too you. One meningitis in the left leg and two injections in the right left for everything else (see picture below from NHS England Website.

Now Max did scream and cry! Take a bottle or your bobbies to give them a feed it distracts from the pain! Luca was with me (the joy of the summer holidays ) he didn't seem to mind watching but didn't like seeing Max in Pain.

They advise to give Calpol ASAP then every 4-6 hours.

The worst part is you have to do this again in 4 weeks and again 4 weeks after that!

Now for Mum

✔️ Buy Wine 🍷 - it's helps if baby constantly screams like Max at the moment

✔️ Buy chocolate 🍫 - this has no benefits but taste amazing!

✔️ Be prepared for a cuddly baby, who doesn't want cuddles after being jabbed 3 times!

✔️ Baby may get a temp it's normal

✔️ Baby may not get a temp it's normal

Currently I'm rocking a screaming baby trying to get a second lot of calpol in him... as the scouts say BE PREPARED!


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