What our logo and name stands for.

When I was choosing the logo for the shop and products I choose a name that meant something to me and my designer was amazing when we looked into what I was about and my core message. She asked me lots of questions regarding my business and when she presented me with her ideas I couldn't believe how much she got me and got it spot on.
So when you look at my logo the h and l are connected and a stem of blossom is sprouting from the h too.
The reason behind this is a connection with flowers and something growing from it. As this is the logo for my diy products, books I thought it was very app.
As making an arrangement of flowers was certainly having something growing from it even if not the flowers but the person who made its confidence. This was another important message to me as I love helping people in any way I can.
I also love cherry blossom when it's all blooming. In Japan they celebrate the changing of the seasons and cherry blossom appearing is the sign spring is coming. It's the most beautiful sight to see and I watched a programme this week with Joanna Lumley in Japan and she had gone to see the cherry blossom.
Japan is one place I will go and visit to see the wonderful cherry blossom, and hopefully very soon.
The meaning behind cherry blossom is female dominance which I liked the sound of and although not all florist are women it is a very female dominant industry.

Here's some beautiful photos that I actually took off the television while watching Joanna Lumley's programme.


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